Muhammad Sonny Abfertiawan, Yoseph Palinggi, Marisa Handajani, Kris Pranoto, Ananda Atmaja
Abfertiawan, M.S.; Palinggi, Y.; Handajani, M.; Pranoto, K.; Atmaja, A. Evaluation of non-acid-forming material layering for the prevention of acid mine drainage of pyrite and jarosite. Heliyon 2020, 6, 1–8. [Google Scholar] [CrossRef]
Publication year: 2020
Encapsulation is a typical method used to prevent potential acid mine drainage (AMD) in overburden piles. In this method, Potentially Acid-Forming (PAF) material is covered with either Non-Acid-Forming (NAF) material or alkaline material to minimize water infiltration and/or oxygen diffusion through rock pores. The physical and chemical characteristics and thickness of the NAF material layer are critical factors affecting the successful prevention of AMD. Therefore, this study evaluated the method of NAF material layering using laboratory-scale column leaching tests. NAF layers with a ratio of 25 and 50% were used to cover PAF material containing pyrite and jarosite sourced from the Sangatta and Bengalon mining areas, East Kalimantan. The physical and chemical characteristics of leachate collected from samples watered on a weekly wet-dry cycle were analyzed by kinetic tests over a period of 23 weeks. The results showed a trend of increasing pH values and decreasing sulfate and metal concentrations in the leachate. This study shows that NAF layering is an effective method to prevent or minimize the generation of AMD.